This Philippine National Standard for carnation was initially undertaken by the Sub-Committee on Ornamentals of the Technical Committee on Standard organized by the Bureau of Plant Industry in 1997.
In 2001, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries and Product Standard(BAFPS) conducted series of technical reviews and public consultation on the draft standards of carnation prior to its approval.
BAFPS deemed it imperative to issue these standard in order to provide a common framework and understanding of the definition of terms, including grading, packing, marking, sampling and size classification.
The Technical Committee ad Sub-Committees of BAFPS organized through the Special Order No, 411, series of 2001 recommends the following references:
ECC quality standard for fresh cut flowers(Annes 1 of EEC Regulation No. 316/68);
Recommended Grades and Standards for Fresh Cut Flowers of the Floral Marketing Association and the Society of America Florists.

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