This Philippine National Standard for Fresh Fruit ‘Saba’ and ‘Cardaba’ bananas, PNS/BAFPS 08:2003 was formulated in view of the increasing importance of the commodity in the local economy and potential in international trade. These type of bananas are classified as cooking bananas and should have a separate and more elaborate standard than that of PNS 81:1987, which are for table banana varieties. It is imperative that further elaboration based on the physical characteristics, classification, tolerances, sampling, marking or labeling, and safety requirements of ‘Saba’ and ‘Cardaba’ bananas be reflected in a separate standard.

The formulation of this standard was initially undertaken in June 2001 under the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS)’ Technical Assistance on Safety and Quality Standards Covering Products of High Value Commercial Crops. In 2003, BAFPS conducted series of technical reviews and public consultations in the major ‘Saba’ and ‘Cardaba’ producing regions of the country to generate inputs and comments on the texts of the standard prior to its approval.



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