The formulation of this Philippine National Standard for Shelled Corn, PNS/BAFPS 10:2004 was initially prepared by the National Food Authority (NFA). In July 2003, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) reformatted the texts of the standard prepared by the NFA in accordance with the BPS standards for standards guidelines. Harmonization with Codex and US standards on the levels of aflatoxin were undertaken in view of the increasing concern for consumer health protection and fair practices in international trade.

In the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2003, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) conducted series of technical reviews and public consultations nationwide on the draft standards for shelled corn. Comments from the stakeholders were considered prior to its approval.

BAFPS organized a technical committee for shelled corn standards. The committee members were presented by several agencies of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, Postharvest Horticulture and Training Center, University of the Philippines at Los Baños and private sectors, had set the classification of shelled corn based on their physical characteristics and current practices existing in the sectors concerned.

In the preparation of this standard the following documents were considered:

CAC Vol. 7. (1995) – Cereals, Pulses, Legumes and Derived Products and Vegetable Proteins

CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 3-1997, Amd. (1999)- Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene

CAC Vol. 2 (1993) –Pesticide Residue in Foods ISO 5233 (1983) - Test Sieves for Cereals

Philippine National Standards on Shelled Corn (2002)- National Food Authority- Unregistered

Primer on Philippine Grains Standardization Program (2002) -National Food Authority US Standards for Corn- Revised 1997

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