The proposal for revising the current Codex standard for desiccated coconut (DCN) and the need to adopt a national standard emanated from the initiative of the private sector. Manufacturers believed that the provisions stated in the standard are not anymore reflective of current practices. The focal concern was amending the minimum oil content. It is a known fact that the fat of the coconut provides the distinctive, tropical flavor in the fruit. Thus, it is an indicator of the quality of DCN. Others changes include classifying DCN according to the granulometry of the product, modifying the quality criteria, improving the analytical characteristic, and specifying the microbiological standards.

A formal technical working group was not created. However, the establishment of the Philippine National Standard (PNS) was done in close collaboration and consultation with the major DCN producers.

This standard was created to provide a common language on the classification of DCN, essential composition and quality factors, allowed food additives, contaminants, hygiene, packaging, transport and storage, labeling requirements and methods of analysis and sampling.

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