The Philippine National Standard for Dried cassava chips and granules was developed by the Technical Working Committee on Cassava Chips.

Cassava, grown before merely as a subsistence crop for the low income families, is now slowly gaining popularity because of its value as source of food, feed, fuel and raw materials for various industrial purposes. Being seen with strong economic potential, government and private sector groups accorded development support towards improving the crop’s productivity and processing efficiencies. In fact, the Department of Agriculture under the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani – Corn (GMA- Corn) Program is pushing for a five-year program to strengthen the cassava industry.

In support to the program of the Department and to address the concern of stakeholders in the processing sector, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) initiated the formulation of standards for cassava primary products.

This standard specifies requirements to have a quality dried cassava for use as raw materials for various purposes and at the end to have safe cassava products for consumption.



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