The development of Philippine National Standard (PNS) for Table Eggs was initially undertaken by the Bureau of Agriculture Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) of the Department of Agriculture in consequence to apparent increase in demand of an orderly marketing of Philippine Table Eggs. This is in line with the continuous commitment of the bureau to formulate and enforce standards of quality that will ensure human health and safety and efficiency in the consumer consumption, marketing, and trade of agricultural and fisheries products, both for export and import.

In collaboration with the members of the technical committee, Department of Agriculture Livestock Development Council (DA-LDC), Bureau of Animal Industry – National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center (BAI – NSPRDC), Central Luzon Egg Producers Association (CLEPA), National Federation of Egg Producers in the Philippines (NFEPP), Egg Board, and other table egg producers in the various parts of the country, the Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agriculture Fisheries Product Standards (DA – BAFPS) convened series of technical reviews and public consultations on the draft Standard for Table Eggs.

BAFPS deemed necessary to adopt a standard providing common understanding on the essential quality factors, classification, grading, labeling, packing, sampling, and hygienic handling of table eggs.

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