Quick Frozen Lobsters
The Philippine National Standard (PNS) for Quick Frozen Lobsters was adopted from the
existing international Codex Standard for Quick Frozen Lobsters (CODEX STAN 95-1995,
Rev. 2-2004).
To tailor fit the standard to the Philippines’ requirements, modifications were made in the
format and definition of terms. An electronic solicitation of comments and a stakeholders’
consultative meeting were conducted by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product
Standards (BAFPS) in collaboration with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
(BFAR) on February-March, 2010 and July 28, 2010 (Quezon City), respectively.
Subsequently, relevant and substantial comments solicited from concerned and competent
agencies, and industry-stakeholders were also incorporated in the PNS.
The PNS for Quick Frozen Lobsters aims to provide a common understanding on the scope
of the standard, product description, essential composition and quality factors, food additives,
hygiene and handling, labelling requirements, methods of sampling, examination and
analyses, definition of defectives, and the requirements for product lot acceptance.
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