The development of the Philippine National Standard for Okra, PNS/BAFPS 39:2008 was undertaken by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) in view of the increasing demand of the commodity for both domestic and export markets.

PNS/BAFPS 39:2008 was based on the Standardization of Philippine Okra developed by the Philippine Trade Standards with PTS No. 054-0315.1969.

This standard cancels and replaces SAO 133:1971.

A Technical Committee (TC) and Sub-Committee (SC) organized by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) through Special Order No. 411, series of 2001 and Special Order No. 169, series of 2007 created to identify members and expert that shall be involved in the formulation of the PNS for Okra. Modifications were made on the scope, definition of terms, minimum requirements, classification, sizing, packaging, marking and labeling. BAFPS, in collaboration with the TC conducted technical reviews and public consultations in three major islands of the country prior to its finalization.

The Philippine National Standard for Okra aims to provide a common understanding on the established grading and classification system of okra varieties or commercial types grown in the Philippines to be supplied fresh to the consumers.


PNS-BAFS39-2008 -Okra.pdf

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