The Philippine National Standards (PNS) for Organic Fertilizer was established and adopted in 2008 with substantial inputs from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority and advice from the Technical Working Group (TWG) created through Special Order 565 Series of 2004. Since its adoption, the industry players and the academe called for the revision of the standards.
PNS/BAFPS 40:2008 is hereby revised to reflect the results of the studies and advances related to organic fertilizer, compost, plant regulator, and organic plant food supplements. The revised PNS has been prepared to provide a uniform approach on the definition, classification, specifications and properties, methods for analysis and sampling, labeling and allowed raw material inputs It is hoped that this standard accomplishes the goal of ensuring the consistent quality of organic fertilizers available in the market.
This standard cancels and replaces PNS/BAFPS 40:2008.

Download this file (PNS-BAFS40-2014-OrganicFertilizer.pdf)PNS-BAFS40-2014-OrganicFertilizer.pdf[Organic Fertilizer]408 kB
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